First let's prove that Jennie Kennedy is the Jennie Andrews who married James Kennedy. Here again for comparison is the photograph that was in my grandmother's photo album labeled Jennie Kennedy.

And the photograph below supplied by Elaine McCutcheon of Australia which she identified as Jenni Andrews Kennedy.

This photograph of Jennie was sent in 1933 to descendants of Jennie's siblings living in Australia by her grandson, William F. Kennedy of Pittsburgh. It is a copy made from the original and is inscribed, "Jennie Andrews Kennedy 1831-1909." In a letter dated May 22, 1933 William Kennedy states: "About two months ago I sent you… each a picture of Mother, your Aunt Jennie Andrews Kennedy."

I wouldn't say that the two photographs are un-mistakenly the same person from first glance. But, upon closer examination there are many similarities. The eyes, ears, lips, neck and wrinkled skin all appear to match. The hairline of both shows their hair further down on the left forehead; and the clincher for me is that both are wearing the same pin at the top of her dress!

I now have to my satisfaction a positive identification of the Lindemuth photograph in my collection labeled Jennie Kennedy. Thanks to Elaine McCutcheon of New South Wales, Australia. Patti Flack, of the same place, is the owner of the photograph - thank you Patti! The information about the Andrews family that follows was received from Elaine McCutcheon.

In October of 2010, Matthew Thompson sent me with another image of Jenny Kennedy. Yes she is wearing that same pin. Thank you Matthew!

Jennie Andrews was the second daughter of James and Jane (Rankin) Andrews. the Andrews family was from near Coleraine, County Derry, Ireland. In the late 1840s, James, Jennie's father, went to Mauch Chunk where his eldest daughter, Ann was living with her husband Robert Porter. His six other children accompanied him. It is speculated that his wife Jane had died in Ireland before their trip to America. At Mauch Chunk his three other daughters married: Jane (Jennie) to Samuel Kennedy, Nancy to John Wisley and Margaret to Charles Swank.

For whatever reason, James decided to return to Ireland with his three sons: Isaac, Samuel (who were twins) and Joseph. They sailed to Australia on April 27, 1854 from Liverpool, England on the Norwood. In 1857, Nancy with her small son, followed her father there for her husband had disappeared and was presumed dead. Daughters Ann Porter, Jane Kennedy and Margaret Swank remained in Pennsylvania.

Nancy, after waiting the necessary seven years after her first husband's disappearance, married in Australia James Monk. Many of Jennie's siblings and their famlies can be seen on the Manning Valley (Australia) Historical Society's webpage. Click on the link "Photographic Galleries" to view the Andrews family images. A book about the Andrews family is about to be published. Information about the book is available on the Manning Valley webpage as well.

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