Detail of previously unidentified photograph from my grandmother's collection. Bill Auld when seeing it exclaimed, "the guy looks to be a 'dead ringer' for the Mark Hyndman photo I have - could this be himself and his sisters???."

Mark (1839-1915) was the son of Samuel Hyndman (1803-1857) and Rebecca Blair (1811-1896). So if this was indeed Mark Hyndman (and it sure looks like it), one would think that the women would be his sisters. And since I have photos of his sisters in the collection, I thought I would take the next logical step.

Photo on left was from a group of photographs purchased by Bill Auld on eBay, photographer Lamoreux of Allentown, Pa. Identified by the seller as Mark Hyndman. It even looks like he is wearing the same clothing and watch fob!

Other photos of Mark Hyndman. All are by F. Gutekunst, Philadelphia except the one on the right which is by Danielson of Denver, Colorado Territory.

Back to the group photo. Sisters of Mark? Well let's see. The young lady on the left is from the group photo, on the right Rebecca Hyndman, sister of Mark, A.K.P. Trask, photographer, Philadelphia.

Rebecca Hyndman (1846-1931). Died unmarried. She lived with her brother Mark in Central City, Colorado.

Below on the left from the group photo, on the right, Mary Blair Hyndman, Jas. Zelner, Mauch Chunk, photographer. Frizzie hair, strange eyebrows, hair parted in the center, all match.

Mary Blair Hyndman (1848-1938), lived in Allentown, then in 1887 she moved to Denver, Colorado. Never married.

Below on the right from the group photo, on the left, Elizabeth Blair Hyndman.

Elizabeth Hyndman (1842-1917) at about age 72. My great-grandmother, married Hugh Macfarlane. They both have similar noses and ears. The hair style is remarkably similar. At first I thought the young lady above was Jane Hyndman but I couldn't match her ears and nose with this girl (see below). Elizabeth was the only one of the eight children of her parents to marry. Two did die young and one was killed in the Civil War.

Only one sibling remains: Jane Hyndman (1840-1890)

I can't say this is an exact match, but it's not bad; but through elimination, it will have to do. The bigger jaw and the sleepy eyelids look close, but the ears aren't quite right. The quality of the group photo may be the reason. Photo taken by an unknown photographer in Central City, Colorado.

Due to the recent "discovery" of photo album in at my brother Lee's house New Years eve (2003), I found a labeled copy of the Hyndman family photograph. This copy gives me a batting average of 400, great for baseball, but not very good for genealogy and family history! the only correctly identified sister was that of Jane. Here is the copy as it appears in the album with notations.

The Hyndman Album is now online. There are additional photos of the Hyndman siblings; Mary (2), Elizabeth (3), Jane, Rebecca and their Civil War soldier brother James (killed at the 2nd battle of Bull Run). Just click here.

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