panorama viewing instructions

The only requirement view this is to have FlashPlayer 9 or later installed on your computer. If you don't have it you can get it here it is a free download.

At the bottom of the panorama is a menu that allows one to navigate the panorama. The arrows keys are self explanatory as is the plus key (to zoom in) and the minus key (to zoom out).

The panorama is programed to pan automatically after loading into your computer but you can stop the panning at any time with your mouse by clicking and moving to any portion of the panorama that you wish (even to the ceiling or the floor). It is best to pan slowly, otherwise it can be a dizzing experience.

Putting the mouse cursor over any of the other menu items will explain their use. The one on the right will enlarge the image to fill your computer's screen.

Click on the image below to view the panorama. Please leave a comment if you wish or let me know if you are having problems. You can contact me here.

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