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Recent panoramas

• The Entry Hall at Stenton (New)

• Eastern State Penitentiary Synagogue

• Lansdowne Theater from the Stage

• Lansdowne Theater Auditorium (New)

• Lansdowne Theater Lobby (New)

• Lansdowne Theater Entry (New)

• Lansdowne Theater Projection Room

• Hecules Welding, Palmyra, New Jersey (New)

• Hecules Welding, Palmyra, New Jersey (New)

• Eastern State Penitentiary, William Portner Memorial Exhibit

• Sears Iron Works, Revere, Pennsylvania

Ink not Ink installation at the Bossone Center at Drexel University

• After the Storm (roof)

• After the Storm (street view)

• Machinery in the Globe Dye Works, Philadelphia

• The Bornmann Manfacturing Company, Philadelphia

• The studio of the painter John Moore

• Machinery in the Fairmount Waterworks, Philadelphia

• Howard Hurd's shop in Morrill, Maine

• Howard Hurd's machine shop in Morrill, Maine

• Castellaro-after breakfast

• Castellaro-the great hall

• Castellaro-the veranda

• Castellaro-the courtyard

• Venice-waiting for the water taxi 'round midnight

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